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Why choose us ?

We give super accurate measurements.

Digital laser template and estimate to ensure super accuracy.

Our SawJet robot technology is the best in the industry!

Our technology allows us to safely, accurately, and quickly cut your countertop.


We value your time.

Without our robot technology, most in our industry are cutting 1-2 countertops a day. We have the ability to take on 16 jobs per day, which means that we can support our builder clients and our homeowner clients in a timely manner.

We are experienced in the home building and remodeling industry.

Our experience means that we have been through all of the learning curves and we understand what your home needs when selecting and installing new custom countertops.

We personally own a lot of our inventory.

At many granite stores, the slabs there are not actually owned by them, it is on consignment. So, if you wanted to buy part of a slab for a bathroom counter, you would have to purchase the entire slab. We own most of our inventory, and if we have a customer that only needs part of a slab, we can usually accommodate and it saves the customer money.

Dressed Seams

Most countertops have seams, but the difference is having the specialty equipment to properly dress the seams.

Your countertop project is important to us.

We are extremely hands on with each project from design to cutting to installation.

You get to see your granite slab!

You aren’t viewing just a sample of the piece of granite we will cut for you, you will actually lay eyes on your actual countertop before it’s cut!

Trusted Relationships

Many of our customers are repeat buyers and trust us with their homes.

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